Why Straight Women Are Drawn To Gay Males

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Why Straight Women Are Drawn To Gay Males

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Why Straight Women Are Drawn To Gay Males

Straight ladies have from homosexual guys whatever they aren’t getting from right guys.

Published Jul 06, 2012

In lots of ways, homosexual guys and right women can be a pairing that is perfect. For the part that is most, relationships between homosexual guys and right ladies are healthier and good, with one exclusion we’ll arrive at later. When you look at the majority that is vast of, relationships between homosexual guys and right women can be platonic. Yes, a periodic teenage woman falls for a kid that is gay, however it does not just simply just take many girls very long to determine that, in cases like this, where there is smoke, there is most surely maybe perhaps perhaps not fire. As a whole, the attraction ladies feel for homosexual guys is commonly psychological in nature, clearing the way in which for a extremely satisfying relationship that outlasts other relationships homosexual men and right ladies have actually. To start, we’ll deal with just exactly how and exactly why straight ladies are emotionally drawn to homosexual males – an attraction, in addition, this is certainly returned by homosexual guys in spades.

First, since most straight ladies don’t feel sexual toward homosexual males, the connection does not carry the danger of sexual stress. The connection permits a space that is safe which both events can allow their guards down, be by themselves, and share their emotions freely.

2nd, right females love homosexual males because closeness with homosexual males offers a screen into the way the minds of men work, a thing that ladies wish to know while they navigate dating waters due to their straight male peers. Though you can find, needless to say, differences when considering right and men that are homosexual gay guys are however males whom share most of the exact same traits and motivations with right guys. They think about sex, want it, or feel impatient to get to the actual sex part – there are undoubtedly similarities when it comes to the sexuality of young straight and gay men – meaning, how frequently. Whenever a right girl hangs away with a homosexual guy, she starts to place the puzzle together that males, in general, treat intercourse differently than ladies do.

Finally, right females love homosexual guys as they are emotionally interested in the fearlessness and not enough self-consciousness in homosexual guys.

Generally speaking, gay males – and gay ladies, too – tend to be fearless than their straight counterparts – especially right men – because they’ve usually experienced bullying and prejudice because of these orientation that is sexual these experiences fortify homosexual males with thicker epidermis. As out grownups, homosexual guys frequently learn how to accept on their own and prevent attempting so very hard to win the approval and acceptance of other people.

Likewise, the relationship of homosexual males provides something different as compared to companionship of right males. Even if you eliminate the intimate element from a right girl and right guy, the right man is more restricted to embody a job due to the fact strong, maybe not man that is overly emotional. Meanwhile, homosexual males have actually the social permit to be as crazy or psychological while they wish to be because homosexual males don’t need to squeeze into this type of tightly recommended part.

When I talked about in the beginning, not absolutely all relationships between right ladies and men that are gay healthier. Whilst not almost all, some right females love homosexual males for various reasons. The band of ladies I’m referring to are often called ‘fag hags, ’ a term that manages to be derogatory toward two teams: females and men that are gay.

The expression ‘fag hag’ relates to a girl, frequently inside her 20s or 30s, who really really loves hitting the bars that are gay her gay male buddies for a Saturday night around town. Frequently, the ladies whom have defined as ‘fag hags’ are obese, insecure, or uncomfortable aided by the idea of frequenting bars that are straight they might possibly satisfy males who’re enthusiastic about them. Rather, they feel much more comfortable eliminating the intimate component that exists at straight bars and like the harmlessness that is included with socializing with gay guys in gay environments.

This kind of relationship is usually unhealthy, with ladies selecting men that are gay friends for trivial reasons:

Since they’re more fun and love to search. Similarly, their homosexual male buddies often treat their friends that are female social add-ons before the males find a man to hook up with up later on when you look at the evening. The relationships often have a surface quality where real emotional sharing and trust don’t take place in such contrived and caricature-based relationships.

Overall, the relationships between right women and homosexual guys are unique, aided by the periodic negative exceptions. A person could have if straight women and gay men focus on finding friendships where there’s true emotional compatibility and respect, they can develop one of the most rewarding relationships.

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