Referral Marketing

Basic Training

(To be given with in 48 hours to the new associate)

A long while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful enemy, whose men out-numbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to enemy’s country, unloads soldiers and equipment, and then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle, he said, “You see the boats going up in smoke. That means we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice- we win or we perish” They won.

Every Person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing so one can be assure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win, essential to success.



For your strong decision to start this business, and welcome to the world of success.

About this Industry

    Knowingly or unknowingly the industry to which you have joined is commonly known as Referral Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing/ Direct Marketing or Home Bases Business. Today, your choice of Referral Marketing either as part time business or as a career has shown yourself to be a great leader. This is a business of someone who has an open mind and wants total freedom from the rat race. It is also a great business for those who take challenge in their life and it is not the right business for those who want to run their life with comfort.

    Referral Marketing is one of the strongest growth industries in the world. It is a revolution for common people. And also the real chance in the free enterprise system for the average person without large capital to become financially free. Now that you have made the decision to join this empowering profession, you’re in for a career of unlimited financial opportunity and the chance to make meaningful difference in the life of the people you care the most about.

    This training module is your first step and the most important one in the process of achieving freedom.

Few facts of Referral Marketing:


       It is a 70 year old Industry

       It is more than US $ 500 billion Industry.

       It is the world’s No. 1 employer of people

       It spans across 170 countries

       Many fortune 5000 companies participate in Referral Marketing or construct a Referral Marketing to get in on the action e.g. Colgate Palmolive, AT & T, IBM, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Reliance etc.

       The concept of Referral Marketing is now being taught in many world famous Universities (NUSS), especially in their MBA program.

Benefits of Referral Marketing:

Improves Psychology



Communication skills

Mental Development


Monetary ability

Full Family security

Time Freedom

Name, Fame and Recognition

Foreign/ Domestic Tours

Social Circle

Help Others

Some important tips for success in Referral Marketing:

       Set your priority. Your income in this business depends upon priority you set.

       Learning is a continuous process. There is no capsule. This is the only place where you start earning while you start learning.

       You can convince / influence someone only if you have conviction. (Belief in the system)

       It is the business of duplication. Just duplicate/ copy your upline. Never use your own mind in this business. Blindly follow your training upline.

       Do it naturally with your full potential.

       Take a commitment to do this business minimum 5 years to get maximum benefits of this Industry. Be patient for your success.

       This is not an ‘I’ business; this is ‘We’ business. So always do it with the TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More.

       Always follow 3 C formula

a)   Never Complain

b)   Never Criticize

c)    Never Cry

 Why an Ordinary person should do Referral Marketing?

 As Robert Kyoski said “You cannot become rich working for others”, most people today never earn an above average income because they only get paid when they are working. When they quit working they quit getting paid. How would it be if you grow money tree? In other words how would you like to develop a business that would create a continual stream of ongoing income that would continue to flow to you whether you went to work or not? Since Referral Marketing allows you to build an organization of hundreds or even thousands of other people from whose sales efforts, you can earn an income; your income will not be limited to you and your work alone.

Once you truly understand this principle it will be difficult for you to work for temporary income and lifestyle.

This is the only industry which makes an ordinary person to an extra ordinary success with Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Peace of mind, Positive new friends…..etc. In other words it makes you complete successful person. Referral Marketing is nothing but a LIFE STYLE, Incredible, and Unbelievable Lifestyle.

6 Basic Steps for building business of DPS  INFOTECH:-

1.   Your Dream/Reason/Goal & Commitment

2.   Your Contact List (List Building)

3.   Invitation (Take an Appointment)

4.   S.T.P. (Show the Plan/Project)

5.   Follow Up (Objection Handling)

6.   Training & Duplication

Your Dream/Reason/Goal (or WHY DPS  INFOTECH):-

  Friends, this is the first step or stepping stone for your business. Always remember, if the foundation is strong, things last longer and vice-versa.

What is your Reason of joining DPS  INFOTECH?

What are you here for?


Is it your,

       Own brand new Car?

       Own Flat, Bungalow, Farmhouse, and Pent-house?

       To give your Child better Education?

       Family Security?

       Name and Fame or your Own Identity?

       To develop your Personality and communication skills?

       Living up a Luxurious Life?

Or earning MONEY…because all above reasons can be fulfilled with this. Am I right?

NOW, let me be more specific-


DECIDE right now

Purchase one sketch book and write all your dreams, if possible with pictures. Script your current life style first as per below.

Details                                                Current Year               What should be after 5 Years

1.    Bank balance                        ………………….          ………………………………

2.    Current Income                     ………………….          ………………………………….

            3.    House you live in                   .…………………          …………………………….

4.    Vehicle you use                     ………………….           …………………………….

5.    Tours (How Frequent)           ………………….           …………………………….

6.    Social \Circle                          …………………           …………………………….

 7.    Furniture used                       …………………..          …………………………….

8.    Cloths used                        ……………………..            ……………………………

9.    Accessories used               ………………………           ……………………………

10. Charity/ Donations            ………………………            ………………………….

11.Children Education            ………………………           ………………………….

If you ask most people what is their one major objective in life, they would probably give you a vague answer, such as, “I want to be successful, be happy, and make a good living” and that is it. Those all are wishes and none of them are clear goals (Great minds have purposes, others have wishes). Goals must be SMART

       S-specific.

       M-measurable

       A-achievable

       R-realistic

       T-time-bound

 Follow 3 V’s :

Visualize – Start feeling like you have achieved your dreams.

Verbalize – Speak to people that I AM GOING TO ACHIEVE MY DREAMS.

Vitalize – Take required Massive Action to Achieve your dreams.

 Goals can be-

       Short term- up to 6 months

       Mid term- 6 months to 2 years

       Long term- 2 years to 5 years

Goal is something which tingles into your mind 24 hours a day. You think of it every moment. Remember, when you were a child, just having one chocolate or owning a Barbie doll used to be your dreams.

When we get older, our priorities changes. It does changes with age (e.g. Dream of student may not dream of a person doing job).

Lists all your goals, right now and be FOCUSSED.

Commitment example: An ancient Indian sage was teaching his disciples the art of archery. He put a wooden bird as the target and asked his disciples to aim at the eye of the bird. The first disciple was asked to describe what he saw. He said, “I see the trees, the branches, the sky, the bird and its eye.”

The sage asked this disciple to wait. Then he asked the second disciple the same question and he replied, “I only see the eye of the bird. “The sage said, “Very good. Now shoot.”

The arrow went straight and hit the eye of the bird.

Unless we Focus, we cannot achieve our Goal.



In your list include as many people as possible from the following categories, besides names of your relatives, friends, clients, suppliers, associates, social contacts, neighbors and people who you come into contact with on a daily basis etc.

Professional people-Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, C.A.’s, Engineers, Consultants, Architects, etc.

People with finance background-Financiers, I.C.W.A. Financial Analysts, Chartered Accountants.

Members of prestigious clubs-Rotary, Inner Wheel, Lions, Mahavir Int’l, Jaycees Sports Clubs, Clubs like India International Center, I.H.C., Gymkhana, Chelmsford etc.

Business people i.e. Industrialists, Wholesalers, distributors, retailers, self-employed individuals, hoteliers, owners of restaurants, travel agencies etc.

People already running businesses from home.

Share brokers, sub-brokers.

People involved in the teaching profession i.e. school and college teachers & professors, trainers in different fields, computer hardware and software trainers, tutors, HR professionals.

Marketing professionals-FMCG, Concept selling, direct marketing professional, people with prior exposure to multi-level Referral Marketing.

People with education from premier institutes like IIT & IIM’s and prestigious universities, post grads.

Professionals working with blue print chip companies like TATA’s, Reliance, MNC’s etc.

Social workers working for charity organizations & NGO’s.]

Politically active people.

Heads of associations / organizations like Resident’s Welfare     Also, trade association, unions, sports & cultural organizations, old boy’s networks, old students association, fraternities etc.

Personal having defence forces background – army, navy, air force, NCC, paramilitary organizations.

Senior bureaucrats & technocrats.

Professionals working for large public Sector undertakings.

Housewives wanting to get into mainstream activities, active ladies.

Active people-socially, professionally and business wise.

People with extensive contacts or database.

Property consultants & brokers.

Well groomed and/or sharp looking couples and individuals.

Professionals in the media/entertainment industry-newspapers, T.V.Channels, producers and directors of plays and serials, film makers, photographers etc.

People involved in environmental or wildlife related projects and services.

Highly technical people or people working in high-tech industries.

Successful people in any field-sports, business, media etc.

Professionals involved in e-commerce or related projects.

Energetic, young and ambitious people or active retired people.

Insurance agents and/or people working in the insurance sector.

Parents of children who are studying with your children or who regularly play with your children.

Wedding lists.

List of people you regularly send gifts/cards to on Diwali/New Years etc. or receive from.

Travel industry related professionals, i.e. pilots, air-hostesses, travel agency employees or owners.

Exporters/Importers and international trade professionals.

Senior people in any job who want to remain active after retirement.

Professionals owning or running computer training institutes.

Family doctors (GP’s), dentists, child specialists, owners of departmental stores, restaurants that you regularly patronize etc.

“Obstacles are Not stopping stones, but are stepping stones. Build them before you need them ”

-Basil S. Walsh


Guide to Making List: –

Normally To Start With People Make A List Of 150-200 Names

Your list should have three parts

People who you know locally.

People you know interstate (state or region other than the one you are currently residing in) and lastly

People you know outside of India or your international list.

If you add 5-10 people from each of these categories you would have a good list to start with and then as names and places or events trigger off more names in your mind, keep adding those names to your lists.

To assist you in compiling a big list take out your visiting card holders, telephone diaries, marriage album and family photographs.

Time invested in this exercise will pay you huge dividends for generations to come and ultimately lead you to your Success and your FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

This is your first step towards achieving financial independence.


NEVER PREJUDGE ANYONE. Because every successful Networker must be sponsored by someone. In this business we are here for us but not by us.

It is a continuous process. We meet some of new people everyday. Always collect their cards or phone numbers and add on to your list.

It is the BIGGEST ASSET of your business

Make it on a Hard Register. Write your goals on first 5 to 10 pages, paste God photographs whom you worship.

To complete your list register you can use some of the memory joggers like mobile phone index, telephone index in your house, old photographs, visiting cards etc.

Write everybody’s name whom you know- whether he/she is at any corner of this world. Always START this business with your with your NEAREST AND DEAREST.

Contents of LIST

S. No. (start from 10000,9999, 9998, 9997…………………..3, 2, 1)

Name & Contact

Location & Email id (its important- if don’t have then ask him/her)

Profession (as in he/she is in job, business or a student etc)


Remarks (If joined- Write Good Yes, Not joined- Write the reason he/she gives for not joining)

INVITATION (Take an Appointment):-

Types of Markets:

Hot Market (people very close to you, with whom you regularly talk)

Warm market (people bit far from Hot leads)

Cold Market (people stranger to you, who come through newspaper ads, websites, sms, orkut, facebook, pamphlets etc)

Some Basic Requirements while Invitation: –

You should be highly Excited

Speak with Conviction

It should be short and simple (max. 3 minutes). Don’t keep it long and lengthy.

Your voice should be full of excitement (as nobody likes tired voice- always be in standing position while inviting)

It should be before 24 to 48 hrs of STP

Confirmation should be done at least before 6 hours

Follow SIN (Safety in Number)- Invite Maximum people.

It should be base on FORM:-

       F– Family Chitchat (ask about his/her family, how is uncle ji-his dad, how is aunti ji- his mom or how is bhabi ji- wife—-Whatever), and maintain comfortability.

       O– Occupation- Ask about his occupation and always Praise that (you must not criticize anybody’s occupation).

       R– Reason of Calling- Say like this- Do you have 2 minutes, there is something Very Important to talk about, even I am in a hurry.

       M– Message- Use the message written below (it’s a perfect pitch for Cold Market, and can be altered for Warm market. With Hot Market, there is no need to be formal at all- Get them just like that, by saying I have started something very interesting and urgently want to show you that)

Message that you can give (perfect pitch for cold market, alter this for warm and hot):-

Hello Mr./Ms…., I am VDEV RAJ & calling from DPS  INFOTECH. Is it right time to talk for a while? …. If yes.

Basically DPS  INFOTECH is representing Tourism Nationally & Internationally. We have all type of facilities in Tourism/Medical tourism/Education tourism.

Apart from that Club is providing you an opportunity to earn extra income along with your job/business by promoting online/offline.

Pause………….(give him/her chance to speak)….

Now what to do. how to do, your all questions will be cleared as we are organizing our Orientation Program tomorrow at 11am in the morning and 3pm in the afternoon (always give Time Choice), so which time is suitable for you?

And make him to write the address and ask either remind on the program day or not.

 Do’s/Dont’s while invitation:-


You can use words instead of above like Biz discussion, Orientation program, Intellectual Biz Gathering, Recession proof Ongoing Income biz project etc

 4. STP (Show the Plan/Project):-


One to One (Extremely Powerful)

Home Meetings (Specially for those who have restrictions)

Office Meetings (Bring your prospect to office)

Big shows or Group Meetings (Royal Park/NOIDA/Gurgaon mega presentations)

Send recorded Video presentation (mainly for outside prospectus).


It should be short and sweet (20 to 25 minutes)

Present with Belief and Conviction (Believe is more powerful then knowledge alone)

Crowd involvement is always recommended while group presentations

Content of STP- Club business (why tourism) and 3P’s that is Product, Income Plan and importance of Positioning.

During group meetings, always sit with your guest (if have a chair left), and sit very attentive- prepare notes, no matter how many times you have given or taken the presentation earlier, that will show your seriousness.

Dress up professionally while Group Meetings.

Always carry all your tools (file or laptop, pen, paper, your cheque copies etc) along, if going for One on One presentations. One on One Presentation, is the process, where you can share the information to such people who are big tycoons, businessman’s etc. Try to do one on one at your office, your home, at Coffee shops (Barista/ CCD’s), Hotels or Restaurants (whatever venue you are choosing it should peaceful to some extent that your prospect able to listen what you are explaining) etc but NOT at his office.

Be there at the Venue, before scheduled time.

Sit and talk to your prospect before presentation starts, do not leave him or her alone.

First 5 Presentations-take your leaders help. Start presenting yourself after on. It is most important as it will give you sense of Ownership for your business.\

Sit with your Prospect after presentation (which is called meeting after meeting or closing). Handle his challenges. If you are having more number of guest then call your leaders for back up.

Always carry white board and marker in your car. You never no where will you be showing plan in next 4 hours.

Maintain your posture.

Edification (Very Important)- When you bring your guests always introduce your upline yourself. Edify him- He is Mr./Ms…………He/she is my role model. He is very successful and knowledgeable person in this business.  I have requested him/her to take out his important time from his/her busy schedule, just for you.

After the group presentation, always remember to meet your guest with your senior (it’s called closing).

5.  Follow Up/ Follow Through (Extremely Crucial): –

How you have shown the plan:

Personal (one to one)

Home Meeting

Mass Presentation

Website Broadcast

How to follow up the prospect


It is not follow up, it is a serious discussion over the opportunity

Recapitulate the Plan

Create his Why Part

Telephone/Conference Call






When to follow up

Within 24 to 48 hours

Comfortable time to follow up

Some Important Points to Remember

Within 24 to 48 hours of the plan- Strike when the iron is hot.


Don’t get defensive with emotions, get defensive professionally.


Answer question with question


Initially first few Follow up’s, take your leader along


Slap with a Kiss (Balancing approach)


Always use FFF (Feel, Felt, Found- Ohh fantastic Mr….I know how you feel, that was how I felt, but this is what I found out)


While handling objections, Be Proud of what you do (You are not just representing yourself, you are representing everyone out there who is doing DPS  INFOTECH. Maintain your Posture. Do not allow someone to mock what you do. you can walk away losing that prospect but hold on to your pride)


Don’t attack him but make him feel comfortable to accept your point.


Be prepared before contacting the prospect


Make the prospect belief that you care for them


Be fully equipped with knowledge about your plan


The main Questions while doing follow up :


Did you have it 2002. Do you have it in 2012.. Will you have it in 2022

Emergency Medical Situation

Even I did not have it, then FFF

Money has to be arranged. Either Beg, Borrow or Steal. I am not saying you to Beg or Steal, but you can Borrow that. If you have goodwill in the market 5000 can be arranged in few minutes (and if you do not have goodwill, then I can’t help it)


On one side here is this Business where you can get Money Freedom, Time Freedom, Name and Fame, Recognition, Foreign Trips, Personality Development, Chance to help society….and on other side there is 5000. Either TAKE all these things or SAVE your 5000 Rs. That’s your wish, Now tell me what do you want to do??


Don’t you care for your family?? For your kids, wife, or parents?? Do you want to give them ordinary life?? Is arranging 5000  bigger than their needs??


You need me more then I need you. I am giving option to improve the way you live.


Where all of your time goes??


Emergency example.


This business works on Time Compounding Management or on the Power of Duplication. After certain period of time, your Time will be compounded with other people Time.


See neither I nor You belong from Tata or Birla Family. Time has to be MANAGED if we want something extra in our life


Amitabh Bachchan work for 15 hours at the age of 68. Don’t you have that hunger??

Don’t you care for your family?? For your kids, wife, or parents?? Do you want to give them ordinary life?? Is managing 12 to 15 hours a week bigger than their needs??


Whom you will consult with??


What you will consult?? See I told you 100%, you must have understood 70% as it is human mind, after reaching to your home, 40% will be left into your mind, you will tell it your friend or parents or wife or husband- what will they get- Just 10%, then what will they say- they will say BIG NO. See half information is dangerous then the full lie.

If you see any movie, can you demand its feedback from the person who has not seen that?

If your Watch is not working, do you got to Scooter mechanic to get it repaired?

If you feel ill, to whom you will go?? Doctor, right. I am the best Doctor for this business. Consult with me if you have any questions or queries, I am sitting here for that only.


You don’t even have Guarantee of your own life.

Explain Company’s Background.( e.g.When you join the club, you become owner of the CLUB.

OTHER CO.’S:- Fear of Referral Marketing Success


Don’t criticize any Company. But on the same time, prove your point, why DPS  INFOTECH is Best, with a LOGIC.

LOGIC- Explain Club future plannings, its Product, its Plan (explained in 3 P’s) and its Training and Support System.



If he is using mobile, tell him to check your mobile phone where you can get 100 references. Get him remembered when there was function at his home like any marriage, pooja, birthday etc. Ask him where these people come from. You can share this information to any of your known people.


Ask him, what if they work efficiently? If you want to work then why not they? If any of your down-line does not work and if you are serious about this project, you can sponsor another next person and work with him.


Leaders are not born, they are made. Confidence comes with your knowledge. To get confidence, we organize Business development Trainings on weekly basis where you can knowledge about this company and its services and slowly gradually you get confident. There is no tablet for confidence, it is gradual process and it will take little time.


If you have joined any referral marketing, it shows that have dream. If you could not be successful in one company, it does not mean you would not be successful in any other company. We don’t stop driving, if anytime we are caused accident. Right? Whatever mistakes you may have done in your previous company, you can improve it and if you learn through our learning program you can fulfill your dreams from DPS  INFOTECH.


Then don’t you think this is the right platform for you? We need to talk to people as we deal in people. When we talk to people more and more, we find some change in our personality. Example of Anjalee was a reserved  girl before DPS  INFOTECH, but now she can speak before masses.


In such cases, before showing the plan we should keep in mind to invite a students with their  parents. We can ask the students how you have got bike, laptop, college tour. Your parents kept on fulfilling your demands. Why not this time? He can talk to parents that  this is a multiple pack of personality development, communication enhancement skills. He should not talk about business at all. But he must attract parents by features of the services so that parents may also think of having it.


A housewife should be suggested to attend the STP with husband. Anyway, in such case invite her husband also for STP. Or fix up a follow up at her place and interact with her husband by showing him the opportunity. Also try to find out whether the lady depends on her husband for only money or her husband is against her any kind of independent profession. Finally awake the lady to tell her husband that she would like to contribute to the family and this can be the best way.


OK, thinking deeply about some decision is a very good habit. By the way what have you thought about the POSITIONING??????? You know some actions have to be taken well within time. If you are thinking about some challenge in this project, I can assist you to overcome that.


How can you make profit before opening of a business? You cannot invite a client to your shop by standing in front of your it with closed shutter…..Tell Story of that person who went to find out his two persons. And when he got his two persons, they also went to find out there two persons.


Can you repeat me what is the business plan? If you analyze the plan, it is a binary plan. Money is paid into ratio of 1:1 These 1 or 1 may be brought by any one. So only number of sales are counted and there is no role of chain. If you are working, it hardly matters whether chain is broken. In any industry a small percentage is the performer class.


Can you tell me how people come to know about the new products and services? Of course by Advertisement. They make huge expenditure on Advertisement. But DPS  INFOTECH has not used the source of costly advertisement system. Instead they have use real method of advertisement i.e. Word of Mouth Publicity. You know now where is population with ‘we two our two’. So people are becoming aware about this also.


Excellent!!!!!! But would you like to help others? Many people are not able to earn bread even. Many people are fed up of their jobs. Many businessmen want to change their business. Many unemployed people are

searching for some opportunity. You can be the instrumental to that. If while helping others if you get money from DPS  INFOTECH, you can donate it. Many good organizations keep on looking for donations for social, national, medical cause.

If despite follow up no result, how to proceed

Send Regular Selected Emails

Relieve him of fear of being asked to join

Keep him informed about your achievements

Invite him to your recognition programs as a personal invitation.

6.   Training & Duplication:-

Training is most important in this business. Without training you cannot survive for more than 6 months or 1 year. Always attend training/meetings/seminars and all related activities with all your team. Always motivate yourself and your team also.

First become a student and learn as a beginner all from senior who have proven themselves after that training/TEACH to your team.

Before any new strategy/planning implementation in this business/team, always discuss with your senior leader.

Always duplicate all you have learnt to your team

It’s a duplication business.

Why DPS  INFOTECH or (3 P’s)


No Logistics involved, Web-based services, hence no Transportation cost or Delivery probs.

Everybody pay by willingness.

Evergreen concept (It was there 1000s years ago, & will be in always growing form.)


You have multiple choices (eg. Biz/Referral/franchisee options)

No Targets

Max payouts in the Industry 20% direct and 20% sales matching. With pay-out- Capping/Ceiling- 5.4 LAC Per month

Weekly Pay outs

Sustainable in Long run

Positioning (to be explained while closing or during follow up for urgency of payment):- Draw the diagram and explain him/her that you may get benefit for our efforts, if you delay your positioning you can lose one or more prospects.

Some tips for success in DPS  INFOTECH :

Attend all functions, activities like trainings and big shows.

Five Belief’s-

Believe in your Company.

Believe in your Services

Believe in your Training

Believe in God

Believe in Yourself

Avoid the negative friends/relatives. You always keep yourself away from dream stealers.

Daily communicate with your active senior-

OB- Old Business

NB- New Business

PB- Planning for Business

Try to duplicate the system 100%. SYSTEM says Save Your Self Time Energy Money.

Find a role model in your business so that you can follow him heartily. Because in our system Mentor comes first then your success.

Always work with your team. Come to all showcases and training with your team mates.

Don’t want to change others, always try to change yourself as per the system.

Spend minimum 20 minutes daily for reading positive books, listening positive songs and reading training booklets.

——————————————————————————————————————DPS  INFOTECH business is the need of “Today”

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 “Wish you a great success ahead, It starts from YOU”